Azichem has been involved in green building for over twenty-five years.

From the beginning, the research was aimed at understanding which elements of the vast array of information and acquisitions on the balances that regulate the complex ecosystem that hosts us and on the equally delicate balances that govern the most intimate ecosystem, represented by our home, could constitute the starting point for building a proposal, technologically reliable, consistent with green building postulates and concretely achievable in terms of constructive simplicity and economic sustainability.

The impulse to research, even more dated, arose from the discovery that, to the well-known findings regarding air, land and water pollution, which had reached truly worrying levels, unthinkable only a few decades earlier, was added the “new discovery” relating to the internal microclimate of our homes, which often highlighted a complex of harmful substances, even higher than outside”.

Furthermore, the pollution of confined spaces could be considered even more insidious since, even small but prolonged daily emissions can, by accumulation, cause high concentrations and/or give rise to “sensitization” phenomena in the body.

In addition, indoor air contamination is not the result of the presence of a single pollutant but of the synergistic effect of multiple sources and factors present in a given environment.


From this research was born at the time, the SANAGEB green building line, which offers products made with components free from recognized or potential harmfulness, able to ensure the best health during application and service life, without any problem related to disposal of materials at the end of their life.

The SANAGEB product line is designed according to the most important green building aspects, both passive and active.

The passive aspects contemplate the careful selection of natural components, free from harmful emissions: organic, radioactive and so on.

As regards the active, functional aspects, are expressed in the ability to ensure adequate levels of performance in relation to the proposed characteristics.

The wide range also includes products designed to give specific characteristics or performances to existing casings or to traditional materials to be used for the construction of new casings. In this regard, the performance and functional increases given to traditional mortars prepared with natural hydraulic lime are significant; the addition of these particular agents, in fact, involves values ​​of applicability and performance which, in full compliance with the green building parameters, do not appreciably differ from the properties and applicability of modern products, which are usual for workers and users of the works.

A further aspect of the SANAGEB line is certainly given by the choice of “transparency” made through the indication, in the technical data sheet of each product, of the list of “ingredients” and of the most immediate green building parameters: in concrete terms it is offered to user the ability to make “conscious choices”.